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DX.Exchange Airdrop, Get Free DXCASH Tokens (3)

How to get an airdrop:

  1. Sign up for the website and verify your email address (+2 DXCASH)
  2. Complete the KYC (+8 DXCASH)
  3. Go to the airdrop page, submit your details and sign up for the airdrop
  4. Join their Telegram group and invite 3 friends to the group (+4 DXCASH)
  5. Invite an additional 5 members to the Telegram group (+6 DXCASH)
  6. Follow them on Twitter (+2 DXCASH)
  7. Follow them on Facebook (+2 DXCASH)
  8. Help another community member by answering their question in their Telegram group (+1 DXCASH)
  9. Start a conversation on their Telegram group by sending 10 messages back and forth with other community members (+3 DXCASH)
  10. Complete all the tasks and you will get additional 7 DXCASH

Total airdrop pool is 1,800,000 DXCASH

DX.Exchange ICO Overview

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DX.Exchange Airdrop is awesome, very easy and good payout.
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