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Medipedia Airdrop 2 Airdrop, Get Free MEP Tokens (3.6)

Medipedia is a blockchain-powered medical tourism ecosystem that makes it easier for medical service providers and consumers to connect on a common digital platform to help each other more effectively. We proudly announce that our 2nd airdrop program has been launched!

How to join Medipedia’s Airdrop Event? 

  1. Join Medipedia's Official Telegram
  2. Join Medipedia's Official Telegram News Channel (A user will earn 100 MEP Tokens on completion of the first two steps.)
  3. Subscribe Medipedia's Official YouTube Channel (100 MEP tokens)
  4. Medipedia Referral Program (100 MEP tokens) 

Note: Earn 100 MEP tokens for each referral up to 10 referrals Upon completion of all the above steps, the bounty tokens will be added to the wallet of the particular user. 
Note: The bounty event is limited to the first 20,000 participants only. 
1 MEP token = 0.01 USD

Medipedia Airdrop 2 ICO Overview

ICO Price : $0.01
Ticker : MEP
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Happy to join Medipedia Airdrop 2 Airdrop. :)
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