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Shark Lotto Airdrop, Get Free SHLT Tokens (3)


Shark Lotto fully decentralized lottery platform. Shark Lotto is international fully decentralized lottery based on the Ethereum blockchain. Shark Lotto is giving away 100,000 SHLT tokens worth 100,000 Dollars

How to join? 
1. Join our Telegram Group
2. Like and Follow our Facebook Page (Like & Share our latest post)  
3. Follow us on Twitter (Like & Share our latest post)  
3. Fill out Shark Lotto Airdrop form


1. Set your Social Media privacy settings to Public, so that we can check your posts 
2. Please Do Not mention Airdrop/Bounty on telegram chat. Only discuss the Project/ICO details. 
3. Stay a subscriber until the end of the ICO 
4. Tokens will be distributed within 4 weeks after the end of the ICO. 
5. Joining with multiple accounts is not allowed. Users found to be using multi accounts, will be disqualified. 

Estimated value ~$ 10 / 10 SHLT Tokens (~$ 10) 

Any questions about airdrop ask here 
check your status in this spreadsheet  

Shark Lotto ICO Overview

ICO Price : 1 SHLT = 1 USD
Ticker : SHLT
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Great project! Good luck Shark Lotto Team!
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