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Vidy Airdrop, Get Free VIDY Tokens (4.2)


How to get an airdrop:

  1. Go to the airdrop form page
  2. Follow them on Facebook
  3. Like and Share Vidy’s Bounty post with the hashtags #VIDY #ICO #Blockchain #ETH #crypto along with the link to their website https://vidy.com/ in the post description
  4. Follow them on Twitter
  5. Like and retweet Vidy’s Bounty tweet with the hashtags #VIDY #ICO #Blockchain #ETH #crypto and link to their website https://VIDY.com/ in your retweet
  6. Subscribe to the Reddit page
  7. Upvote the pinned message and make a positive comment about VIDY on that Reddit post
  8. Subscribe to Youtube channel
  9. Like their recent videos and post a positive comment on their videos
  10. Complete all the tasks to earn a bonus of 30 VIDY.
  11. Submit your details to the airdrop form
  12. You will be dropped with 80 VIDY tokens
  13. You will get 30 VIDY tokens per referral

Vidy ICO Overview

Ticker : VIDY
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I see Vidy airdrop has a lot of advantages and power of dance to the investors, hopefully can make the projects can be smoothly and get a lot of support from investors.
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