Latest Airdrops List is the free source to get alerts for latest airdrops for the cryptocurrency. Here we list most legitimate cryptocurrency airdrops which are latest. We manually check the project carefully before posting on website assuring more profit to airdrop participants. However, in some circumstances, it's not always possible to check for legitimate airdrop until the participation, if you found any scam airdrop in the list you can always report us.

What are Airdrop and Bounty?

Airdrops and Bounty are the types of the marketing campaign run by cryptocurrency founders for the specific project. Whenever new cryptocurrency is being launched, founders always seek for supportive communities for their project. One of such recently launched crypto is the Cardano ADA coin, one of the biggest cryptocurrencies by market cap. It's designed to be a sustainable, flexible, and scalable blockchain platform for running smart contracts — which will allow the development of a wide range of decentralized finance apps, new crypto tokens, games, and more. Cryptocurrency giveaway can be run by Airdrop where participants have to finish some basic tasks like joining their social channels, following profiles, inviting other participants etc. While availing of the crypto giveaways, you can also take advantage of the immediate profit trading platform to trade all types of cryptocurrencies. Immediate Profit specializes in trading cryptocurrencies as well as currency pairs. The automatic trading system monitors the financial markets around the clock, taking into account economic indicators and market events. Maximum profit for investors can be realised by examining this plethora of information in real time. On, we update daily latest airdrops on latest airdrops page.

Bounty campaigns used to have more rewards, because it includes some more effort tasks like weekly reporting, daily posting on Twitter, being an active participant in their social groups, writing content and many more. Thus because of much more tasks and effort, bounty campaigns used to have more rewards for participants. On we do plan to add bounty soon in future to give more opportunities to our users.

How to participate in Airdrop?

To participate in any airdrop, you will need very minimal requirements. Very important once is to have ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallet address, which you can easily get from

  • Get ERC20 compatible wallet from
  • Find the latest airdrops from
  • Check the airdrop details page for the particular project.
  • Follow all steps mentioned on airdrop.
  • Submit the airdrop participation form. Make sure to mention correct wallet address to receive rewards.
  • Note: Never share your wallet private key with anyone! It must be the scam if they're asking for the private key.
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